Quitting Coffee

5226cde1e0c9f54db375b721ec7f174bA year ago when I was graduating from High School I remember friends who were already in college telling me how I am going to become “addicted to coffee”, and that I’ll “need it all the time”, “you don’t like it now but you will”. My personal favorite being:  “coffee is the only way to get through finals”. I didn’t believe them because I was a HARD CORE tea drinker and coffee was not about to break up that relationship.

Well, friends. IT DID.

I started enjoying coffee first semester. This turned into a daily latte or cold brew towards the middle of the semester. Once I got done with my first college finals I realized that I needed a more convenient solution to getting coffee, rather than walking to the coffee shop on campus. Cue the Keurig.

Now let’s talk about second semester. I started with just ONE cup of coffee in the morning..but who am I kidding? That turned into one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A hard semester of hitting the books made me justify-not the want-but the NEED to have at least 2 and then maybe a latte or another cup later at night so I could study longer. I could keep going but I think you understand how the end of my second semester turned out.

This brings me to today. I’ve been struggling with acne worse than normal since this last semester of school, and in an attempt to help heal my face naturally-I’m quitting coffee.

How long? My goal is the month of June. I got a looooong 22 days to go.

Will I drink 3 Venti coffees from Starbucks on July 1? It’s possible. I might allow myself to have coffee on Saturdays in July or something if I absolutely need to have it again. However, if I’m noticing good results in my skin from not drinking it, I may wait another month.

Here’s the deal: I don’t need to be drinking it right now. Sure it tastes good, but I’ve just gotten in the habit. So, that is why I am writing about it. Hopefully if I put this out there I’ll feel like I’m being held accountable for it and not break my month long fast from coffee.

Stay tuned to see how it goes 🙂 🙂



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